PWC  Krinkov

PWC's version of the Krinkov is fun to shoot and lot cheaper than a full auto version.  This version is made as an AOW.  A lot easier shelling out $5 than $200.  The weapon is made from a stamped receiver (milled receivers are no longer available).  The other parts come from various eastern block countries and enough US (Some made in house to ensure top quality) made parts to keep us legal.  This gun is a blast to shoot.  Ear Muffs are definitely needed with this puppy.  The flash is kept down to a minimum with the predator flash suppressor.  Recoil is also kept down by means of the large buffer placed in the receiver.

Caliber:  7.62 x 39
BBL length: 8.75"
Overall length: 19"
Price: $ 999.00

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